Sunday, September 27, 2020

Sunday Fun: The Education of Mike McManus

I was in my early teens when I joined broadcaster Michael McManus and his guests on the OECA (Ontario Educational Communications Authority) television network. Due to my young age at the time I may not have always understood all of the concepts put forth, but I did watch.

Kudos to TVO (TVOntario) for archiving these valuable shows. For the show embedded above, a 1977 interview with Canadian philosopher Marshall McLuhan, "valuable" has new meaning....

McManus: But it seems, Doctor McLuhan, that this, this tribal world is not friendly.

McLuhan: Oh no. Tribal people, one of their main kinds of sport is (about) butchering each other. It's a full-time sport in tribal societies . . .

Village people aren't that much in love with each other . . .

Ordinary people find the need for violence as they lose their identities. So it's only the threat to people's identity that (makes them violent).

It's worth watching. Concepts put forth by Mr McLuhan ring true today. (The bell keeps ringing.)

We really lack quality interviewing like this on television today. An interviewer lets his guest talk. What a concept.

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