Thursday, September 14, 2017

Hammer House of Horror Revisited 1999

I could hear air escaping from the tank. But it was not a pressure bottle of any kind; it was my Brit friend Paul.

He invited me over to watch some episodes of an old British show that he loved as a youth: Hammer House of Horror. Paul had picked up the VHS complete-series set from Sam the Record Man in downtown Toronto. I whipped over with some enthusiasm since not only was I aware of Hammer House but my mate had spoken a few times about how the one-hour 1980 series was his "appointment television" every week when he was fourteen years of age.

"Ssssssssss...." I knew what that sound signified....

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Simon St. Laurent said...

A couple of years ago, or so, I bought the Complete Hammer House of Horror DVD set. After viewing a few episodes I realized it probably rates higher in the memories of those who devotedly watched it every week when they were young.

However, "The Silent Scream" starring Peter Cushing is a good episode. It doesn't hurt having Peter Cushing in that one.