Thursday, August 8, 2019

Re What's With Animals Posing As Humans?

As much as I love cats I would never buy insurance from one -- and certainly not life insurance.

From July 13, 2017

What's With Animals Posing As Humans?

There is a bank ("financial institution") here in Canada which seems to think that animals act like human beings and take hotel rooms and hang out in outdoor cafes.

Just recently I saw a television commercial for another company that uses the same premise. In this ad campaign is an Owl dressed in a bathrobe; a rather sporty and sharp bathrobe, but a bathrobe all the same.

I love animals, but find the idea of them trying to be 'us' absurd.  Wild animals are too smart for that nonsense.


Adele Menegon said...

There's a name for this particular activity, which escapes me at the moment. The ad I hate is the one with animals and a phoney British accent. Is this supposed to give it a touch of class? It doesn't!

Simon St. Laurent said...

We love to anthropomorphize animals. It's natural. Cats don't need the service. They are already little the human sense.

As for accents: I know a cat that does a spot-on Cockney accent, and a Scottish brogue. It gets me every time; even if I can't always understand what he's saying. (Maybe this: "Feed me, you useless layabout!")