Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Movie Admission: It's No End of the Line

Going through the archives uncovers interesting bits from one's past. The above is my admission ticket to a standout film from 2006's TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) event:

End of the Line

Talented Montreal-based filmmaker Maurice Devereaux had made a few feature length films, but End is his best, a summit of sorts; a horror film of some real horror.

The screening I attended at the now-gone Cumberland 3 cinema caused some serious audience jumps. I remember having a smile on my face at times. A smile brought on by a film made out-of-pocket by a dedicated Canadian filmmaker who showed his Hollywood big brothers how it's done -- big budget not needed. Without studio-mandated script notes to get in the way, End of the Line pleases through singular vision.

Two people in my immediate circle of friends have a copy of the flick on DVD. I'm guessing home video sales were good.

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