Wednesday, May 3, 2023

CD: Growing Up (The Linda Lindas)

Growing Up

The Linda Lindas

Epitaph Records

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Simon St. Laurent said...

These ladies Rock! This punk-head has picked his favourite new band, The Linda Lindas ― actually, Bela, Eloise, Lucia, and Mila.

Like many folk, I first heard of this group in May of 2021 through a viral Twitter post highlighting a song by a bunch of young punks. The group, made up of one pre-teen and three teens, belted a tune which can only be described as pure punk. "Racist, Sexist Boy" is full of that youthful vigour expected of young women who are discovering the world of (some) men. Days later I posted a brief piece:

Almost two years passed, I had all but forgotten about the Lindas until someone (no surprise) posted a bit about their new album, Growing Up. There they were, a little bit older, and more refined. I was impressed with how they had progressed in just two years... their earlier songs were good!

After checking out a few of the new TLL tunes online, I decided to order the CD. It is very good, great even. If The Linda Lindas are doing stuff of this quality now, wait till they gain even more experience writing and performing.

My favourite song on Growing Up? That's a tough one... "Why" for now.