Thursday, March 7, 2024

Reading: The Canadian Constitution (Dodek)

"We can identify a 'Canadian constitutional model.' Our Constitution is the envy of the world and Canadians have been involved as advisors in constitution-making in places such as South Africa, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Israel. Yet our constitution is much more than the written documents that are contained in this book. It is the living, breathing experience of Canadians in their daily lives. It is the spirit of democracy and tolerance that makes Canada the great country that it is."

Author Adam Dodek explains in his preface why he decided to write The Canadian Constitution. His educational background ― which included McGill University and law school in the States ― along with his travels, allowed him to study the constitutions of various countries. As Mr Dodek states, he kept coming back to our own.

I'm but a few chapters in, but this document is fascinating.

Postscript: a few years ago I read Robert A. Dahl's How Democratic Is the American Constitution? Fascinating stuff.

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