Friday, February 5, 2016

Alien Action on the Hyper-Reality Set

Further to my posting from a couple of days ago (here) about my uncompleted short film, Hyper-Reality, here below is another picture taken on the set. This one shows an alien (S.L. Guthrie) being photographed in the "alien lair", a Lost in Space-style set complete with a black limbo background. (Lost in Space was a horrible television series which ran from 1965 to 1968, and entertained a generation of space-race kiddies; like me. It was the kind of show that one quickly grew out of, I hope, but gets revisited when making a certain kind of film.)

As I mentioned in that previous posting, I designed the sets, props, and costumes. The red platform on the bottom right of the photo below is a "stasis pad", a device which showers upwards a beam of energy (done as an "optical" in post production), confining one of the film's stars. The stasis pad's shape, an octagon, and a red-coloured one at that, was an attempt by me to strike a visual gag.  A stop sign. Get it?

Production Assistant Sonia Molina slates a shot for Hyper-Reality.


Tibor said...

Hope you're still gunning for a crowd source campaign to complete Hyper-Reality. I think the retro look will get attention.

Simon St. Laurent said...

It's in progress. Thank you!