Friday, February 19, 2016

What Can You Do? Read This....

"Fill out a repair request form."

Anyone who has rented a house or apartment, especially one owned by a large, faceless corporation, knows what a rocky road it can be to get the simplest, and necessary, repair done. Personally speaking I've had good experiences in that area, but the moment friends of mine started to live on their own I began to hear the stories; the stories of toolbox inactivity.

A writer friend of mine penned a short story that will hit home for a lot of readers. I thought I would spread the words: "What Can You Do" is more than simply a tale of a leaky faucet needing fixing. It is about people, and a dead body, which explains why James Guthrie uses more than the ten to twenty words usually required to describe a faulty bit of plumbing.

As published in Volume 5, Issue 1 of "Pithead Chapel - an online journal of gutsy narratives": read here

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