Sunday, June 5, 2016

Books - Lots and Lots of Books

Living for many years in Toronto's "Annex" neighbourhood has made me more than a little familiar with Ten Editions Books.

Today this Annex Dweller realized the shop is not as familiar to me as I had led myself to believe. There is a back room with even more wonderful used books -- lots and lots of books.

Books are important to me. I have a few bookcases, holding pulp and paper bound as information and joy. (One case alone is devoted just to film & television subjects.) As a matter of fact, on average, reading is more important to me than watching films or television.

The two times I've admitted to preferring spending time in front of text over moving images the answer I got was the same: "Not me, I'm a visual person."

" am I." (It may appear to be a contradiction, but I've been known to cast surprises.)

I'd rather hang around in a bookstore than panic and salivate over a television remote. An old friend of mine, like me, has worked in film and television for years, and when he comes into town we hit the wonderful local used bookstores. What impresses me most is his enthusiasm for different subjects. (It's so nice to see a filmmaker get his "stuff" from outside of movies and television.)

Ten Editions Books has been at the same address (698 Spadina Avenue) since the epic year 1966.


Tibor said...

Inspiration lurks deep in "stuff"! LOL

Simon St. Laurent said...

You are right.

A few years ago I wrote a short-film script at Warp Speed after re-reading up on "Russian/Soviet Constructivist Art".

Almost all my film/tv story ideas are from outside the ratty box.