Friday, October 15, 2021

On William Shatner's Wednesday Zoom-Up to Space

An old friend emailed me late Wednesday as we had agreed the previous day to catch up on the telephone, and when I noted that I had been on the phone earlier in the day with another old buddy, he smarked: "I guess you and Bill Shatner had a lot to talk about."

My only possible retort:

"What a great ambassador he was.

I'd go up if 'they' retrograded me to a fetus, popped me into a translucent egg-shaped container, and left me floating around the Earth....

'I will think of something.' "

1 comment:

DonaldAR said...

Ah yes: the Blue Wanker Space Cadet jaunt.
Did the following strike anyone else as ironic?: Shatner, of all people, at least had something emotional and reflective to say when he touched down. Bozos and his minions, on the other hand, were apparently tossing Skittles at each other. The man has infinitely more money than brains. Or class. Is anyone surprised the lovely MacKenzie ditched his ass?