Thursday, May 4, 2017

May the Fourth and a Life Be WIth You

There was no drum roll. Until minutes ago I had not realized today was May the 4th. These last few days has seen me post a few pieces on Star Wars, the first (actually the fourth) and best, in my opinion, of the Star Wars film franchise. (I admit freely that I have not seen the two most recent bumps in that universe.)

Two days ago I watched Francois Truffaut's super-fine 1973 picture Day for Night. That is more my kind of movie -- a different kind of movie, of course. There is no explosion at the end, even if Truffaut's on-screen director character had so many reasons to explode. He took the mayhem of trying to make a movie, and maintain some semblance of a 'vision', in stride.

My "May the Fourth" celebration today? Do something constructive. I hope....

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