Thursday, May 25, 2017

Star Wars is a 40-year-old Bouncing Baby Boy

Yesterday I wrote an introduction to my personal look back, to be posted here over the next few days, at how Star Wars came into my world.

It was forty years ago today that the picture exploded on movie screens -- just a few at first, but in less than twelve parsecs, film projectors wide entertained millions.

I'll come clean right now: The movie did not "change my life", simply because I was sixteen years of age in the summer of 1977. (People I know who are a few years younger than me often have a different story to tell.) Having said that, I do have fond memories of the time. Star Wars was a nice surprise; it was different, no kidding, and it appealed to this fan of the old Republic movie serials.

Like an old movie serial, my story of Star Wars will be serialized....

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