Saturday, February 10, 2018

The Cats Came Back (Die Katzen kamen zurück)

On March the 8th of 2016 I wrote about my affection for the domestic cat; the house beast. They can cost us a lot of money, give a little grief, but in return they provide, or may provide, lots of love and affection. Of course, if they know you "hate" cats they will initiate and facilitate your demise.

Katzen, Chats, Gatos, γάτες, Catti, Koty, коты, Cathod, Cats....

My posting from yesterday, "A Swinging Cat", spoke of cat-fights and cat-sitters, and cats. While I grew up with both a cat and a dog as family pets, I much prefer the feline due to that type's lower maintenance requirements in addition to its rudimentary affection characteristics. (Notice I did not mention veterinary costs.)

Many years ago I came up with two little and hardly original bits to sum up my admiration for Felis silvestris catus.

* I do not trust any man who doesn't like cats.

* There cannot be a more blissful existence than that of the pet cat of a loving owner.

You were saying?....

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