Thursday, February 8, 2018

The Olympics is Back On

On the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) at this very minute is the Winter Olympics. Life is going fast when there's almost seamless branching between various Olympic games.

The last time I watched the Winter Olympics was when team U.S.A. and team Canada played for the gold in February of 2010. Sydney Crosby was the hero, and when he popped the puck past the U.S. goaltender I found the living room ceiling.

The last time I saw any Summer Olympics -- a less interesting affair to me -- was the 1984 games. That was a long time ago. I watched a few hours one day. Actually my reason for tuning in was to check out the new slow motion video system. Playback in slo-mo was as smooth as normal speed video....there was not the tug-tug-tug-tug of conventional slow motion replays.

Exciting stuff. Which is why I'm going to go back to my book....

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