Saturday, December 8, 2018

The Five Worst Christmas Songs (All in One)

"The Five Worst Christmas Songs" was the subject of a news radio bit today. My partial attention heard "John Denver", "Kenny Rogers", and a few others. I kept waiting for....okay....and....

No "Paul McCartney (and Wings)"?

"Wonderful Christmastime" is hands down, to me, the worst Christmas song ever. Sir Paul's muse left him stranded on a snowbank that day. And his good sense was lost in a snowstorm when he decided to release that wretched jingle.

I'm a Paul McCartney fan. Wings rocked! The questionable song was an honest mistake. We all make them. Even at Christmastime.


Jawsphobia said...

By what standard is it a worst Christmas song. That genre should be catchy and upbeat and it has those qualities. If someone flat out hates optimism (most McCartney, most x-mas songs) that's the subjective aspect kicking in. You don't like it, but it's objectively a solid song.

Simon St. Laurent said...

Thanks for your thoughts.

Yeah, I'm not speaking from misery, the song just doesn't work for me.

After I posted the piece I read up on "Wonderful Christmastime". I had not known that it is often listed as one of the worst Christmas songs....sometimes the worst.

It seems so manufactured -- Germans have the perfect word to describe the song.

All this McCartney talk makes me want to spin my Wings Greatest album. (It was released the year before "Wonderful" hit the shelves.)