Saturday, February 16, 2019

Re Designing Set Sketches for Graveyard Shift

Graveyard Shift, a Canadian horror film released in 1987 (but shot in late 1985), has a bit of a following. I get the impression it has a few fans in France. Over the last few years I've written the occasional piece on my involvement with the film that bears no relation in any way to the Stephen King novel.

From January 15, 2017:

Film Design: Set Concepts for "Graveyard Shift"

Several times on this blog I have posted pieces about my involvement with the 1987 Canadian horror film Graveyard Shift.

Graveyard Shift

My Old Sketchbook: Forest Lawn Cemetery

The drawings above are of several I rendered in order to find a design for the film's featured mausoleum/cemetery set. As the film was of a very low budget (approximately $150,000 in 1985, probably around 2 million in today's production dollars), I had to strike a balance between something that took up some space but not too much space -- the bigger the structure the higher the cost.

What I chose as a final was a blend between drawing numbers three and four. The bottom one would have taken up "too much space".

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