Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Admiral Scheer Has No Ship

Conservative Party of Canada leader Andrew Scheer is almost unrelenting in his tweets attacking Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The worst part is the contents of his tweets, more often than not, are positively dishonest. For starters, Canada's economy is in pretty good shape, and unemployment numbers are the lowest they've been in decades. One doesn't have to like our PM, but criticize with factual information.

As the headline says: Admiral Scheer has no ship.


Jon said...

Well, this *is* the same man who addressed the Dairy Farmers of Canada meeting with the bizarre statement, "Chocolate milk saved my son's life". Picky eater, apparently. Only copious amounts of sweetened cow juice saved the wee lad from the ideologically-driven Canada Food Guide created by bureaucratic elites!

Simon St. Laurent said...

My journalist side would love to interview Scheer. I get the impression he's not firing on all cylinders, intellectually.