Sunday, September 20, 2020

Sunday Fun: "Why Did I Buy This?"

I bought the Space: 1999 Complete Series Blu-ray set in July of last year; and have watched just one episode, which I did last night: "A Matter of Life and Death"

Even it were a matter of life and death, I might have to be forced to watch more of this series. The good news is the wrapping is off the set....

I'm being somewhat facetious as there are a few good episodes. A few.

Space: 1999 premiered when I was a young teen, but even then I knew something was off. Buying this BD set, perhaps, was a simple case of me trying to force myself back to my youth.


Jon said...

That cover art!

"A demented serial killer stalks a lone women in the icy cold of space. Even with the whole Moon to hide in, she may never escape. CSI:1999"

Simon St. Laurent said...

That's what that series was about. I had been wondering!