Wednesday, November 4, 2020

A Card Game of Trumps

U.S. president Donald Trump and his team want some states to stop counting votes as this may allow Joe Biden to catch up and overtake. Conservatives are mighty upset at those folk who have the temerity to count every vote cast by U.S. citizens.

That's it. Do everything you can to stop the game in progress when you sense that precious lead may slip away.

We may have our own equivalent here in Canada.

Imagine Toronto Maple Leafs fans wanting to stop a game at the end of the second period when their beloved "Buds" are ahead on the score-sheet, suspecting that the enemy might pull ahead and win in the third.

Pull out the Zamboni ! ....


Greg Woods said...

Bahahaha! Leave it to Simon to compare the election to the Leafs. (Could an analogy about Sun Media be next?)

Simon St. Laurent said...


I suspected you would make that rather obvious connection.