Tuesday, January 12, 2021

No Articles of Impeachment News at the Toronto Sun

Surprised? I'm not. The Toronto Sun will not publish anything that goes against their beliefs, and those of their most dedicated readers and believers.

Minutes ago, as part of my morning newspaper rounds, I went to Toronto's stellar rag and found absolutely no press on what's happening in Washington, DC: the push to push-out Donald Trump. This city's dedicated Trump believer in print will be plated on Inauguration Day, January 20th.

Here's a paper that those folks at and for the Sun would have no use for, unless they want to pick-up anything by "sympathetic" columnist J.J. McCullough: The Washington Post

They can give the impression there's credibility at the Rundown Sun: "J.J. McCullough, Washington Post"


Greg Woods said...

LOL. "Stellar rag." Well played, sir!

Simon St. Laurent said...

Thank you!

The Toronto Sun is too easy a target to mock.