Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Some Inconvenience

On Monday, the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) announced it has cancelled the option of producing a sixth season of the half-hour sitcom, Kim's Convenience. Five years is enough, for many television series (and five years is five too many for most television series).

Last night I made a point to watch Kim's, knowing that it's in its last few weeks. The episode was as bland as the two I'd seen earlier this season. As a matter of fact, last year I watched a few installments and noticed how it was a step down in quality from the year before that.

Five years is fine. There are enough good shows featuring that fine cast of characters to satisfy a rerun schedule after the first-run closes its doors.

Advice: If the CBC, or another agency, revives Kim's Convenience at some point it would probably benefit the series to lose the "Handy Car Rental" stuff. As a friend of mine said recently: "It's not particularly interesting."

Again: It was a fine cast.


DonaldAR said...

I rarely watch sitcoms, but when I do; I watch Kim's Convenience! The wife and I actually laugh out loud, regularly. I can't remember a show that so moved me to mirth. Perhaps I'm becoming more easily amused in my grumpy old dotage.

Simon St. Laurent said...


Janet and 'Appa' emit sparks in their scenes together. This generates my biggest laughs (out loud).