Friday, March 26, 2021

Space Force: From the Files of Donald J. Trump (Repeat)

U.S. president Donald J. Trump announced today that he wants to build a sixth branch of the United States Armed Forces. He calls it "Space Force". (No doubt he wants an exclamation mark as part of the name. "Space Force!")

Exclamation mark or not it sounds an awful lot to me like an old ZIV television program.

Space Force

Television Production

... A touch of procedural such as Highway Patrol and Sea Hunt, combined with the rocketship excitement of Men Into Space.

"Stories of the American men and women who face unknown enemy interstellar forces -- drawn from the top secret (but available on Twitter) files of Donald J. Trump!"

Back to Earth:

United States Space Force

the U.S.S.F.

Wait a minute....that won't fly.

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