Sunday, May 30, 2021

Paint By Numbers, Toronto Maple Leafs Style

Last evening before retiring I checked the score of the Toronto Maple Leafs / Montreal Canadiens ice hockey game... game six (of seven). It was tied at 2 apiece at the end of regulation time.

I 'knew' that the Habs would win in overtime, so it wasn't worth riding the live game score.

This morning I awoke knowing that Montreal did it again: two overtime victories in a 200-foot row: There were no car horns to be heard here in downtown Toronto last night; horns to signify the first Leafs playoff series win in 17 years. To confirm this forgone conclusion I fired up the internet....

Game seven is when?... certainly not "how".....

(The Leafs were winning the series by a game count of 3 to 1 at one point.)

The Toronto Maple Leafs: one of cinema's great tragic characters.

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