Friday, July 1, 2022

Notes from a Brat: Fireworks!

It's "Canada Day" here in Canada: I'm reminded of "Dominion Day", its former name, and fireworks....

CFB Baden-Soellingen, West Germany, late 1960s or early 1970s: The family and I gathered, along with many other military families, on the base's airfield to partake one evening in a display of fireworks. The actual igniting part fell to the men and women of Canada's finest service ― they know about explosives, for some reason. (My dad, whose trade was "Weapons Tech Air", knew a lot about explosives; a future posting.)

The image I remember most from the spectacular aerial powder display is of one lonely expired charge that fell just metres from us as we sat prone on the grass. The guys sitting on top of the parked crash-tender near us did not seem to react; I took that to be some sort of clean bill of health.

The red still-burning charge fizzled and my attention went back to the heavens....

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