Thursday, September 8, 2022

Book: Star Trek - Phase II (Reeves-Stevens)

Star Trek - Phase II
 The Lost Series 

Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens

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Simon St. Laurent said...

Fifty-six years ago yesterday, September 8th, Star Trek had its U.S. premiere on NBC. Why did I specify "U.S. premiere"? That's because it actually premiered on Canada's CTV network two days earlier. I wrote about this on September the 6th.

The above "Book" posting is in regards to the almost-produced Star Trek II television series of 1977. It later became known as "Phase II". I remember seeing TV Guide's end-of-book yellow teletype page noting that Paramount was to produce a new ST series. This would have been on or around September of 1977. Too bad the property didn't stay on television at that time, instead of going to the big screen. Star Trek works best on television.

The book Star Trek - Phase II is a good overview of the almost-series. Authors Reeves-Stevens are weakest when they editorialize, saying that the show would have failed. I disagree, even if I have the benefit of hindsight: Star Trek: The Next Generation was predicted by many to fail, but it survived. Remember, the original characters were special, so any reincarnation of that crew would have given the show extra impulse power.