Saturday, July 22, 2023

Read: The Rebel Christ (Coren)

From a previous posting....

This atheist must keep an open mind, always. Right now I'm reading Toronto-based author Michael Coren's The Rebel Christ (2021). I actually bought the book last October, and read its "Introduction", but my reading queue is always pages long ― meaning it had to wait in line. The Rebel Christ is more than good, even at just a couple of chapters in....

The writer quotes G.K. Chesterton: "The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting. It has been found difficult; and left untried."

As readers here may have heard, members of the Christian right have been going barmy over the Reverend Coren's work. I doubt they've even read The Rebel Christ, or perhaps some have but find its reaffirmation of Christ's message of peace and love to be rebarbative.

Before I go back to coffee and reading, I must add: The author maintains a good sense of humour as he addresses certain concerns. This sent me funny....

"Personally, I prefer a nice card, a box of chocolates, and some roses."

Well folks, I finished reading the book, and I have to say that The Rebel Christ is "required reading at the Academy".

So you know where I stand on Christianity and religion in general, I am a card-carrying atheist. As a matter of fact, I have the hard-to-acquire Platinum Card. As I wrote in April of 2017, I rejected 'faith' very early in my life. "From a Dependent Brat: The Church of Me" goes into a little detail as to when and how this happened. I've not wavered since then.

Now that you have an IMF (Impossible Missions Force) dossier on me, here I go....

Non-believers and believers would have much to glean from Michael Coren's effort to set the record straight on a few matters; matters that have been hijacked and distorted by those who wrap themselves in the bible, even if they've never actually read it, to reaffirm what they believe were Christ's teachings. As Mr Coren states assuredly more than a few times in his work, Jesus never actually addressed certain issues, and if he did, if ever so slightly, in some cases they've been perverted beyond all recognition.

I would agree that Jesus preached love and forgiveness above all. (What's so hard to understand?)

This atheist has adopted a certain phrase, one heard a lot these days from non-believers such as myself: "Even I'm more Christian than many of these so-called Christians."

Final note: Travelling on Twitter introduces one to a lot of far-right anger, anger all too often suggesting violence. Check out a given bio and see "Loves Jesus".

Yeah, buddy, I believe you.

But I do believe Michael Coren. The Rebel Christ is outstanding, and highly recommended... even by this atheist.

"Please believe me when I say that Jesus would not hurt or abuse, would not reject, would not exclude."


Jon said...

Coren is particularly interesting because he started out as a darling of the far right (I recall him citing his own experience of once being called a name by a gay man as proving that Straight Pride was necessary and good) who actually changed his mind.

Simon St. Laurent said...

Yeah, Coren's journey is quite interesting... almost moving.

I remember that 'Michael Coren'. As you know, people are allowed to change and grow. A touch of penitence?....

Thanks for your comment!