Thursday, September 7, 2023

The Rational National is Most Rational on Poilievre

We need more of this!

David Doel, of The Rational National, executes a smashup job of revealing who Pierre Poilievre really is. The leader of the Conservative Party of Canada does not care about the average Canadian... as much as he presents himself as a friend of the working class.

Poilievre has voted against many initiatives designed to help Canadians who could use the extra help, rights, and respect; gay marriage, abortion rights, an increase in the minimum wage, support for unionized workers, and on and on and on.

Just one critical note on Mr Doel's breakdown: At the 10:25 mark he speaks of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's broken campaign promise to reform our election act. Our first-past-the-post system must go, no argument there, but once our PM took office he backed off on his promise after much pressure from... the Conservatives. Even the Toronto Sun's editorial at the time said 'it was the right decision'.


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