Sunday, November 15, 2015

Tim Hortons' Coffee Standard

Tim Hortons coffee. I don't get it; its popularity: "I have to have my Timmy's coffee."

I find that special blend not only to be bland but inconsistently bland. I want my bland, if I want it at all, to be regular in its presentation.

I worked for years as a television 'tech'. Our analogue broadcast standard here in Canada is "NTSC", which stands for "National Television System Committee". People in the 'biz' insisted that NTSC means "Never Twice the Same Colour", due to certain technical issues with that television system.

In regards to Tim Hortons' stellar coffee standard, I am now appropriating the NTSC acronym for this:

"Never Twice the Same Coffee"

As I write this I'm sitting in my local Second Cup store, enjoying an Irish Cream coffee -- now this is real coffee!

There's a Tim Hortons store right across the street; I can see it from my window seat. Nice view.