Sunday, October 6, 2019

... The Budget Will Balance Itself - The Partial Quote

Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau gets some people going. A frequent attack on the PM is the very selective extraction of a certain quote by him; a line from a greater idea. This method is commonly referred to as "quote mining". (Out of context.)

In fact, Mr Trudeau was speaking about the Stephen Harper government's inability to present a strategy to stimulate economic growth. Economists disagree with one another to various degrees on how much such growth leads down the line to less government expenditures. The theory is that increased government revenues through taxation rolls ultimately to a decreased demand for outlays to departments such as employment insurance and welfare. Part of the PM's platform was to support infrastructure building, which hopefully would get the ball rolling and help lead to the above.

The original quote:

"The commitment needs to be a commitment to grow the economy and the budget will balance itself."

In its proper context the idea doesn't sound so harebrained.


Simon St. Laurent said...

For some, comprehension is hard.

Simon St. Laurent said...

Yesterday I received a comment but I accidently deleted it due to my inaccurate thumb press.

"How is elimination of the Energy sector growing the economy? How is transitioning energy sector workers to hypothetical green jobs growing the economy? How is coercing (forcing) workers to comply with unproven mandates and firing non compilers growing the economy? How is refusing friendly foreign governments access to your energy supplies growing the economy? How is taxing the poor on an escalating scale growing the economy? You accept his hypocrisy to the detriment of us all."

Don't stop now!... "Anonymous"!

By the way: I "accept" nothing!

MacD said...

How much does Trudy pay per post? 👹🤡

Simon St. Laurent said...

Reading Comprehension is hard.

They're out there, folks!

DonaldAR said...

So much laughable drivel. And questions easily answered with empirical evidence/facts. "...*friendly* foreign governments...?" Bahahahahahhaa! Yes, let's just hand sovereignty over our natural resources to the Chinese (BTW; thanks, Steven Harper). But, alas choads such as this MacD troll aren't interested in the truth; only attacking things their small brains can't understand.