Sunday, October 23, 2016

Scoring Air Force One?

Donald J. Trump, White House hopeful, often uses the theme music to the mundane 1997 Harrison Ford-staffed "thriller" Air Force One when marking his return to the mortals.

Composed by the late, great Jerry Goldsmith, this fitting music for a president has been used for years now by the Detroit Red Wings hockey club for their home-game player introductions. However, Mr Trump feels he is more worthy to be blessed by its triumphant and patriotic proclamations -- in this case, "great leader of the free world".

Mr Goldsmith's tune takes flight as the orchestra's brass section calls a Copland-style curtain raiser, then floats with Elgar-like pomp. Many Trump faithful have said that when the grand man descends from the sky, or rolls into town, and the moving march belts from the rally loudspeakers, they turn to tears. It's possible the seemingly simple Donald has revealed just how powerful the Air Force One theme actually is when used in a proper context: That of the great leader dropping from the clouds in his flying machine (or tricycle) to stir his followers.

It is a marvellous piece of stirring music. Trump or no Trump.

There is one fly in the ointment, however: Gail Katz, producer of the film, is not impressed by the music's skyjacking for pseudo-political uses; presumably, neither is the Goldsmith estate.

If Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton wins the election on November 8th, and this outcome does look likely at this point, to introduce her victory speech she should play the theme to Air Force One. Really loud!


Tibor said...

Don't remember hearing that. I do know he ends his rallies with The Stone's "Can't always get what you want"...which is real weird.

Simon St. Laurent said...

He uses some songs at times.

DonaldAR said...

The latest in a long list of artists objecting to misappropriations by the Terrifying Turnip: