Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Brat Pack

Soon I will add more 'brat' postings, my stories of growing up in a military family.

Since the first of the few was filed more than a year ago I thought I should pack them here for easier viewing. (Click on the "In this episode" link.)

Notes from a Dependent Brat: CF-104 "Starfighter"
In this episode:
A young man learns just how loud the CF-104 Starfighter is, especially when there are five of them, flying just metres above.

A Nightmare on Elm Street (From a Dependent Brat)
In this episode:
A pint-sized cineaste learns about the 'ratings system'.

Notes from a Brat: On and Off the Ice
In this episode:
A little creep must show the world how smart he is.

Next week, on Notes from a Dependent Brat....

"Goin' Fishin'!"
A bunch of pocket fishermen decide to drop their strings in a local creek. Hilarity ensues when their mothers find out....

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