Sunday, July 23, 2017

What Canadian FIlm is This?

Whatever it's called I saw it about fifteen years ago on the CBC, late night. The premise is, at least the way I remember it, and I did join the flick in progress, a T-shirted, beer drinking, bearded male in his thirties plays and narrates home movies live-to-film.

We hear his French-Canadian-inflected voice: The man talks a bit as he changes reels on the Super-8 film projector; when the film is threaded he starts the projector. We see the lab-spliced Kodak white film leader run, and a few seconds later, just like the real deal, we have 'picture'. This happens a few times throughout the movie.

This proud researcher admits that he has come up empty handed. (I also admit that my efforts have been perhaps cursory at best.) Any help identifying this Canadian unknown classic would be much appreciated.


Tibor said...

Hmmmm....wish I could help. I'm sure there's something somewhere on the net. I even found people discussing an animated short I saw around 1978 on "Magic Shadows".

Simon St. Laurent said...

I did a basic search on the Net but thought it would be fun to see if anyone else knows this film.

"Magic Shadows" showed a lot of great stuff.