Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Mission Impossible? Picking My Top 20 Star Trek Eps

Superior blogger John Kenneth Muir asks his readers to pick their favourite Star Trek episodes. A simple enough project for some of us (geeks).  Right?

Not only have I seen very little of the show in years, but having to pick and order episodes from such a rich body of work is almost impossible for me. Where do I start?

Picking from memory. That's how.

Mr Muir announced the initiative back on August 14th but it was last evening before I started to scribble some notes -- ten minutes later I had a list of thirty episodes I would consider favourites. From seventy-nine shows one is able to come up with thirty titles. Just like that. More are missing, no doubt. I should look at a show listing.

Here's a random sampling:

"The Enemy Within"
"Balance of Terror"
"Mirror, Mirror"
"The City on the Edge of Forever"
"The Menagerie"
"Where No Man Has Gone Before"

And the list needs to be ordered from #20 to #1. Some titles from the above might not even make the final cut. If I were to sneeze everything could change.

Here's how to do it; a few years ago my brother said: "There are at least twenty episodes that, when they play on television, I will stop everything to watch."

That approach might help me....

Reminder to me: The deadline for submissions is tomorrow, August 30th.

John Kenneth Muir's prompt: Tell Me Your Favorite/Best Star Trek Episode Choices!

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