Friday, September 11, 2020

My Mate, Marmite

Anyone reading this whose mother was/is British will probably know about Marmite....through reputation or ingestion.

Not too many things can snap me back to my childhood faster than a bottle of that yeast extract. I can still picture it sitting on the kitchen shelf, and can still smell it. ("Gross" is the word probably most associated here.) Of course, our sense of smell is the strongest 'memory' trigger.

For the last couple of days I've been thinking about Marmite. Now I've decided to buy a bottle. I have to be absolutely sure, since one's memory can be faulty.

It is said that Marmite is an acquired taste.

I'll let you know....

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Simon St. Laurent said...

Not long after I posted this piece I asked a clerk at my local Metro (supermarket) what aisle Marmite would be in. He said they were out of stock at the moment, and that the supply of Marmite had slowed down.

I should try again.