Sunday, October 18, 2020

The Council of Elders

On Wednesday the Washington Post published a piece about meetings of the Council for National Policy, a little-known group that has been around for decades and functions as a hub for conservative activists and their financial supporters. The article goes on to outline subjects discussed within a typical get-together: planned election tactics; concerns about inevitable voter fraud; how the U.S. will go to the dumpster should the Democrats win the next election; the all-important ramping-up of conspiracy theories; and "how the left plans to steal this election", thereby ushering in "totalitarianism". (It seems these conference delegates have no understanding of the word "irony".)

Perhaps my favourite segment of the Post article....

The sessions are closed to the public, and participants are told not to talk to the media about the group or its proceedings. “It absolutely could be open to the media, except that the media is known to be left, and then creates a distorted vision of their conversations,” McEwen said.

What? So you're not talking about pickle fishing?


Jon said...

"Always accuse your enemy first of the shitty thing you intend to do." -- Goebbels, loosely translated

Simon St. Laurent said...


A better name for that group: Council for Neuroticons.