Thursday, February 25, 2021

Zipping Back to the Zone (Repeat)

The Twilight Zone (CBS, 1959 - 1964)

With the new Twilight Zone television series comes renewed interest in the original, for some of us. After watching just one episode of 2019 -, I pined for the gold standard. It's not fair of me or anyone to condemn an entire series after watching one instalment, but it was so rough dramatically that one can be forgiven for uttering: "Do (the producers) even know what made the original series work so well?"

When I get some time I'll sample more episodes of TZ 2019.

While I'm giving the new some time to unreel, it gives me some time to revisit the old. Over the next few days I'll revisit and write about my favourites; the first of which will be "A Hundred Yards Over the Rim", since I rewatched it last year.

What made The Twilight Zone work so well? Clues: The writing; acting; cinematography; scoring; design; ....

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