Sunday, March 20, 2022

Sunday Fun: Back in Premier League Action!

Back in November of last year, in the interests of real productivity, I made the decision to "pause" my DAZN account. This creative likes to think that he's good with time management (I don't watch any television, for a start), but he also knows that his love of football can be a wonderful distraction -- cutting into reel productivity.

A few days ago I noticed that my account had been automatically reactivated. (That's right, I had picked a random day in March as my restart date, figuring that I'd be "done" by then. What emoticon could I insert here?....)

Great news! I picked today as my Premier League football restart day.

When I went to grab a 'snip' for this posting I noticed that a match was already in progress.

"Well, get on it, my son!"

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