Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Book: Filmed in Supermarionation (La Rivière)

Filmed in Supermarionation
- The Story of the Pioneering Team that Launched Thunderbirds -

Stephen La Rivière

Century 22

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Simon St. Laurent said...

When the feature film Thunderbird 6 hit the big screen at CFB Baden-Soellingen (West Germany), I was there with friends... and sister. We really enjoyed the flick, so much so that my sister and I raved about it to our parents afterwards ― we were the right ages! After eventually returning to Canada, I watched the earlier Thunderbirds television series when it ran in repeat on Saturday mornings. (Thank you, CKVR.)

The book: It is absorbing reading for any fan of the Supermarionation process and its creators, Gerry & Sylvia Anderson and their talented team.

Author Stephen La Rivière does a commendable job of telling an entertaining and informative story... it could very well have been too dry; even for old "Thunderbirds" fans.

Postscript: In 2004 a DVD titled The Best of Thunderbirds hit store shelves ― it was a top-ten seller at my local "Sam's" ― and I picked it up with the intention of revisiting part of my childhood. I just now realized that I haven't watched it at all; not one of the "six best episodes as voted by fans". Terrible. Perhaps I should pop an episode on....