Sunday, November 13, 2022

Sunday Fun: Miller Lite ― Great Canadian TV Advert

While I do not like television commercials, especially those from this country, Canada, certainly those produced here in Toronto, there is one I loved when it aired many years ago: an NHL goalie-loaded promotion for Miller Lite beer, Canada.

The headliner is former St Louis Blues and New York Rangers netminder John Davidson. A natural actor, he carries the continuous 30-second shot, and a beer, a Miller Lite, as he makes his way through a crowded bar.

"Hi ya, Eddie!" That's Eddie Giacomin, former goaltender with the New York Rangers, where, for a few years, he shared puck-stop duties with....

"Good to see ya, Gillie! How ya doin'?" That's Gilles Villemure!

The main conceit in the advert is the fibreglass goalie mask, which these men would paint over with a graphic, one to reflect their respective personalities. Actually, Mr Villemure left his as a natural yellow-white finish. The masks' airhole cuts would be another identifying 'mark'.

I won't give away the ad's ending... it's fun, and I laughed out loud the first time I saw it. I laughed as uproariously when seeing it again for the first time in decades.

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