Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Picturing Cats Perfectly

Why would a cat sit still for a photo session when it can just move out of camera view?

I was ready.

My friend's adorably peevish pussycat was not going to get away that easily. The flurrious feline's attempt to slink down from his perch to a lower level ended up giving me a better and more interesting shot, I think; it's not as though pictures of cats hanging about, not doing much of anything, are of a unique breed.

You pettish little....


DonaldAR said...

Perfect indeed! Great capture of the wily feline in motion. I love the almost incandescent feel of the green foliage in the background, and the gloss of the fur. Yet, despite the bright light, one can just pick out the highlights of that jet-black head. I find it very hard to get properly exposed sunlit shots of my Vantablack rascal.

Simon St. Laurent said...

Thank you, sir! Much appreciated.

For a moment that day, Queen Luck was on my side.