Monday, January 30, 2017

"Hyper-Reality" Promotional Card

Last year I posted a few pieces regarding an uncompleted 35mm short film of mine titled Hyper-Reality. The first of my postings was The Aliens of Hyper-Reality.

The above picture is a promotional card built by Bob Yoshioka. The advert's "Hyper Reality" type I drew by hand and based it on the cartoony logos of the old Irwin Allen shows -- in this case I mimicked the title for Lost in Space. The insert picture of the rocketship is a sample from storyboards I generated for the film. The bloke holding the Arriflex camera is me. (The photo was taken years ago for a shoot unrelated to Hyper-Reality.)

Maybe some day soon I can actually put the promo card to good use.


Tibor said...

Hey! Has there been any movement on the crowd sourcing campaign?

Simon St. Laurent said...

There has been: Last year, after I posted several bits on "Hyper-Reality", I researched the issue of crowdfunding. I stopped short of launching a campaign of my own since I was busy with a project. Needless to say, such an initiative is an "all in" endeavour.

There may be a clear path ahead. I will keep you posted.