Saturday, April 1, 2017

From the Refrigerator

One thing curiously lacking in this guy's blog is "video product"; processed single thins of moving pictures. I've posted much text and many still photographs here, but no embedded files of my film and video work. I'm in the process of changing this oversight.

No, it's not an "April Fools!" joke. For someone who considers himself a Grade-A jokester, it's amazing that I forget to celebrate this special day every year. However, I have been sketching out a story from 1979. That year I pulled perhaps my greatest prank. It did not happen on April 1st but it could have.

The "victim"? old friend of mine, a friend who shall remain nameless since he fell for a prank that should have been transparently obvious. There is another good reason for me to protect his identity. He is a high school teacher and a former municipal politician.

Soon, from the refrigerator: Me, Simon; Bert I. Gordon; and....

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