Tuesday, April 25, 2017

It's a Star Wars Spring Board

Hard to believe that Star Wars hit movie screens forty years ago this coming May. Recently I reviewed video files that I have on USB sticks; on one of them is an interesting documentary titled The People vs George Lucas. (These 'people' really like Star Wars. I like Lucas's attitude: "Get a life! Will you, people? For crying out loud, it's just a movie!")

Long in my plans is an article replaying my experiences with the movie that changed Hollywood. As that town is populated heavily by a certain breed of sheep, the film's influence can be easily overplayed, but the fact is Star Wars is a fun movie; and was, especially at the time it exploded on the scene. I enjoyed it very much, even if I didn't demand possession of the tie-in toys. (I was sixteen years of age, which may have had a bearing on it.)

Soon, sometime in May, my personal story of Star Wars will be posted for all my fellow older farts to enjoy as they are fired back to the astounding year, 1977!


Jawsphobia said...

Star Wars had its death in the late eighties, books renewed interest in the early Nineties when it was unique for Clerks to reference it. The 1997 rerelease (compromised though they are) allowed a re-sent and became a new launch that Millennials who populate YouTube see as their childhood intro to SW. This enhances its position. Few older films can have had that impact in re-release. Arguably, under Disney Kathleen Kennedy of Lucasfilm doesn't have a "get a life" attitude, nor do the directors running the new films. They pretty much agree about the special edition tinkering and the prequels. A movie a year. Cha-Ching. Next month hopefully we will get Patrick Read Johnson's film 5-25-77 then Episode VIII hopefully let's Hamill act. May of next year is the Han flick, Episode IX the following may, and then in August of 2020 is the last Indiana Jones. After that, they can let it rest.

Simon St. Laurent said...

Thanks for the notes!

I feel that Star Wars died the moment "Return of the Jedi" unspooled on film projectors back in 1983.