Monday, December 4, 2017

CIFS Screening Series Flyer

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From the archives:

The Canadian Independent Film Series

It's a bad flyer when there are no dates affixed.

The venue: The Bloor Cinema, Toronto

On the "New Voices" part 1 plan:

The Front Seat  - 4 minutes - black and white - D: Barbara Mainguy
Someone to Love  - 15 minutes - colour - D: Shawn Goldberg
Good Night  - 4 minutes - colour - D: Rick Palidwor
Crucero/Crossroads  - 28 minutes  - colour - D: Ramiro Puerta

CIFS was run by Rob Cosgrove and Chris Dwyer. The programs were well done but the series as a whole was short-lived.


Greg Woods said...

This is very interesting... although you're right. No dates!?!? Do you remember around when you acquired this?

Rick Palidwor did the very good Super 16mm feature "Sleep Always" in 2002.


Simon St. Laurent said...

Just before or after January of 1998; that, I think, is when I went to a CIFS screening at the Bloor where a short film starring Molly Parker was billed. (She too was there to do a question-and-answer.)

I remember Shawn Goldberg's film; he was trying to do a 'Woody Allen', with some success.