Saturday, December 16, 2017

Film Design: Cosmonaut Costuming on "Hyper-Reality"


In addition to directing and co-writing my (as of yet uncompleted) 35mm short film epic Hyper-Reality, I functioned as designer. The script called for a few builds: sets, props, and costumes.

The affixed photo illustrates the show's cosmonaut outfit. The suits were built by Erminia Diamantopoulos -- seen above adjusting her work during the shoot -- from my plans. To be honest, my plans were based on the suits from the 1960 East German/Polish co-production, and visual beauty, Der Schweigende Stern (imported to the West and titled First Spaceship on Venus). The walkie-talkie-like prop the above cosmonaut holds I designed to look as though it came from an old science fiction film or television series. Even though the story takes place today, I want to unify the aesthetic, the "era".

I've done more than a few postings on Hyper-Reality. Tomorrow I will post a TV Guide description of the film's plot: If you were to notice the film's listing my hope would be that you'd want to stay up late and watch it.


Tibor said...

Checked out some pics from the movie...looks like ya nailed it!

Simon St. Laurent said...