Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Film Design: Storeroom Concept Sketches

When I'm writing a script or story and I want to get a handle on the layout and look of a location I often sketch out what I imagine that place to be. Sometimes I'll draw up a place to give me story ideas.

I wrote a short-film script a few years ago after I watched the 1924 Russian silent feature film Aelita. The work of its designers, Issac Rabinovich and Victor Simov, inspired me to review Constructivist art. What happened was I stormed-up a story. I could not write it down fast enough.

The sketches above came from my pen when I was writing another story idea.


Jon said...

There's a lovely little doodle in a book about Patrick O'Brien's work that shows how the people are sitting at a dinner table, so he could keep straight who would "turn to their left and address the Admiral" and so forth. This adds a third dimension.

Simon St. Laurent said...

Very good.

Thanks for the note!