Thursday, March 22, 2018

Missed Post: Giving Thanks Every Day

Well, I'll say you're a cynic, good sir. You have your health; people like you; you're funny; you're reasonably intelligent; as cute as a button; and you are gainfully employed.

Life can be rough, tough, and cruel. (Well, it is but humour me a little.) There are unfortunates out there: of mind, body, soul, and sometimes even geography (I met a guy from Iraq a few years ago who told me he went without electricity for six months at one point). I know more than one person who carries the great beast -- depression. They take chemicals in order to maintain some semblance of mental and emotional stability. We're not talking "today's gloomy", or "I feel a little down", but full-blown depression.

We measure our success at all levels against other people. It's a crappy and illogical human trait, yes, but that bar of platinum across the street, or aisle, often rests as our gauge. (Don't ask him or her "how's it going?". You may be surprised; you may have to look for another model.)

Be you, even if it hurts. And give thanks for what you have. Thanksgiving tends to put a lot of emphasis on having food on the table -- never a bad thing -- but it may make more sense to give thanks for what's on the shelves.

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