Friday, March 30, 2018

So Wrong They're Right Doc

A friend recommended I check out the 1999 documentary film, So Wrong They're Right. Filmmaker Russ Forster tracked down and recorded interviews with serious 8-track tape collectors and let them show and tell their stories of obsessions with that format. Interestingly enough the film stays in the U.S., although this decision was no doubt one purely of economics, after all, there must be obsessive collectors of a bygone audio play-back format in this great county, Canada. Then there's overseas.

I'm not a collector in the traditional sense, but I do enjoy watching someone speak about their love of collecting a 'line' of items. Enthusiasm can be infectious.

At first blush So Wrong They're Right looks and feels a bit like a Bruce Brown documentary. The Endless Summer (1966) is one of my favourite documentaries -- it must be the sense of filmmaking, something rare in today's crowd of docs where it's all about the "as is".

My buddy guessed right.

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