Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The Mathematics of the NHL Playoffs - Round One

Last night the last place Buffalo Sabres stomped on the Toronto Maple Leafs. I learned today from a hockey fan friend that the Leafs may very well end up matched against the Boston Bruins in the first round of NHL playoff battles. He said: "If they are, the Leafs are done!"

That reminded me of an article I read recently where Leafs Nation (supporters) are pessimistic of their "Buds" chances of getting past the first round if indeed the Bruins are their opponents.

What is it about the Boston Bruins that instills such fear in the minds of Toronto Maple Leafs fans?


DonaldAR said...

You mentioned math? Is that what they call the 'New Math?' Cuz I sure as heck don't see anything remotely mathematical about that un-Canadian, one might even say; Commie Pinko, statement! Like how about Sabres are 2bd place - have been most of the year - and theLeafs lost by ONE measly, screened goal.
The Leafs are going all the way this year! I know, because Dougie told me as much when he personally autographed my copy of "Killer!"

Simon St. Laurent said...


My point was the regular season is not the playoffs.

You didn't address the Bruins questiom in my math. Expressed as: Leafs ÷ Bruins = 🎻

By the way, who is Dougie?

DonaldAR said...

Um, Gilmore? Took the Leafs to the last round of the playoffs back in the day? Broke a few points records?

Simon St. Laurent said...

I remember Gilmore. Yes. Yet another Leafs' unfortunate. I saw that game in 1993 where the Los Angeles Kings knocked the Leafs out of the final round. I remember the final Kings snap goal, and the sight of Wendel Clark slumping against the top of the goal net as he, with one hand on his stick, swept the puck out of the net; his face laden in exhaustion.

In my world "Schadenfreude" became all bold 144-point type, that day.

Thanks for the comments!