Saturday, July 7, 2018

Military Terms

"NCO" (Non-commissioned officer)

"WO" (Warrant Officer)

Military terms. I was trading some with a guy today who's learning them. He knew the above.

"Stand-down." This former brat remembers these: my dad would come home early some summer days because it was too hot to work. "We had a stand-down."

"MP" (Hint: these guys and girls show up for work -- unlike Ottawa MPs.)


Jon said...

I had a friend once correct a reference in dialogue of "ground arms" (I'd used it to mean 'lay down your weapons' and he explained it meant 'place rifle butt vertically on the ground'). Since he'd written a manual of US Army drill in the Civil War period, I figured he knew what he was talking about :)

Simon St. Laurent said...

Interesting. Thanks!

Simon St. Laurent said...

The answer to "MP"....

Military Police. (Don't mess with the military police. I got stopped a couple of times.)